Wednesday, January 21


This b*tch is crazy!!!

Tuesday, January 20


another drawing resulting from class boredom

Monday, January 19


During law class last week i stayed awake by doodling on the back of my syllabus.
My friend Elyssa sat next to me & was laughing at this drawing the whole time. :]

Sunday, January 18



i can't fall asleep it's 4 am & i've got such a big day tomorrow :[

Wednesday, January 14


Wow, i haven't posted here in months! It's already 2009!!!

Well, i lied about my last post. i really didn't stop drawing. i'm drawing more than ever now. My friend started a production company & he's working on a cartoon show pitch for which i'm on board for as an animator/character designer/concept artist. Also, i'm interning at two incredible animation studios, and on top of that i'm trying to finish a thesis film. My right hand went numb two nights ago from drawing (this happened around 5 am, no i didn't sleep) so i started doing animation roughs with my left hand. It was actually super fun. Anyway, so much has happened since May! Here's what happened in a stream of consciousness paragraph:

June, hospital, psychiatric ward, anti-depressants, move back to Jersey, in a relationship status, internship, work, trip to the Philippines, off the happy pills, THESIS, more internships, more THESIS, ex-boyfriends, single status, move back to New York!, party,party,party, get another internship (2 more), teaching job, work, intern, school, work, intern, school, meet new boyfriend<3 loooove liiife oh & MORE WORK ON THESIS FILM.

i would post some work from that film, but FLASH isn't working on this computer. Oh well, i'll be back blogspot. For now, here's a life drawing or two from October...


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