Tuesday, November 27


& now for something different!

Here's some animation from last year that i didn't really show anyone. It's a bit on the creepy, experimental side & inspired by Audrey Kawasaki's art. i kept meaning to tell her about it via e-mail, but i'm scared she'll hate it or sue me... or something of the sort.

Sunday, November 11


Was watchin' a movie, & this guy's face was too awesome.

Monday, November 5


Lit. notes & sleepy classmates probably bored by Gregor Samsa.

Friday, November 2


Some of October's drawings from the underground. When i was doing the blue one in pencil, a guy sitting next to me watched for a while, until he decided to let the woman across from me know that i was sketchin' her. It was kind of a weird encounter considering the woman didn't care to see the picture at all, & i can't say i did either, but the guy was so hyped about it. We all looked at each other for a minute with awkward smiles, until the train stopped at Union Square, where we all got off & proceeded to remain strangers.

Thursday, November 1


some of September's 7 minute poses


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