Thursday, March 20


Today is the official first day of spring.
Peace out winter.

Wednesday, March 5


Last week:


Watched avant-nerd extraordinaire, Richard Foreman's play "Deep Trance Behavior in Potatoland". MIND-BLOWING. It's more of a performance art piece, than traditional theater because there's no cohesive plot, & everything tortures your eyes, ears, & stomach. i think it was the closest thing to a metaphysical meltdown i've ever experienced in my life. Good thing? Bad thing? Don't really know, but it was interesting. It's still playing at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater at St. Mark's. Free admission on Tuesdays last time i checked. If anyone sees it, don't go high because you'll probably kill yourself; it's that trippy.

After the show, Foreman answered some questions & talked about his work. When asked what inspired him, he quoted Hemingway in saying "All an artist needs, is to take a good shit." & apparently droppin' deuces works for him because he's won a dozen awards, including a MacArthur "Genius" Fellowship. Also, what's with brilliant people rockin' the crazy hair look? Other than Foreman, see:


Nietzsche's 'stache


Scott "CARROT TOP" Thompson


Went to a Penelope screening with Asia. Cait couldn't make it which bummed me out 'coz she was conspiring to get her Casper VHS tape signed by Christina Ricci, who did a Q&A after the movie. i bet she would've laughed at the joke 'coz she seemed like a pretty alright girl. She said her favorite actor she's worked with is Samuel L. Jackson "coz he's a baaad muthaucka", & that she regrets getting "Move or bleed" tattooed on her ribcage.

5 minutes into the interview:
"I think the girl next to me is having an orgasm."
i looked over Asia's shoulder, & decided to caricature the bespectacled girl's besotted face since it was too funny. [see above drawing]

Penelope was released on Friday, & is playing in theatres now, but Black Snake Moan fans would be disappointed. Penelope is about a high-society broad cursed with a Miss Piggy nose, & in order to get cured, she needs to bed a fellow millionaire. Or maybe learn to love her ugly mug for what it is? Sound exciting? Granted, it had it's L.O.L moments, but don't watch it, unless you also happen to enjoy fairy tales, & movies such as Never Been Kissed, The Princess Diaries, and like watching Hannah Montana with your little sister.

In other news, subway rides make everybody so sleepy lately.


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