Sunday, May 20


Like whoaaaa, haven't been here in forever. i just skimmed through the few drawings i have, & am so embarrassed i even put them up that i almost deleted this whole thing. i've decided to keep it because progress is fun to see. Yeesh. Hopefully, i can get better this summer, even though i'm taking philosophy, sociology, & psych classes 'till July. To add to that, this past Thursday night i became a mommy.

MEET SPATZ! It's a boy. He's kinda too much.

The old man (who is currenty in the hospital & is unable to take care of it) found him... so now i've got to muster up all maternal instincts in me to help it survive, but i'm afraid i might have to keep him as a pet considering they imprint as babies terribly, especially when raised alone. What have i learned from spending all weekend taking care of Spatz? i'm never ever having kids, & being the owner of functional ovaries is a highly unfortunate state of affairs.


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